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Personalized Mobility


Maximum Freedom & Greatest Individual Mobility

The concept of unrestricted mobility permeates various facets of our existence. In the automotive industry, mobility systems not only enhance convenience in people's lives through the creation of intelligent solutions but also foster a remarkable synergy by seamlessly connecting smart devices that are integral to our daily routines. The convergence of smartphones and vehicles, made possible by mobility, empowers users with a multitude of privileges, including route planning and utilization of cloud technology. By leveraging smartphones, users can effortlessly and transparently chart their desired routes from point A to point B, tailoring the experience to their individual preferences.

  • App-based mobility assistants

  • Personalizable charging solutions

  • Shared mobility

  • Solution for micromobility

  • Automated valet parking

  • Keyless Go

At MEAtec, we are committed to supporting our esteemed customers and partners in their pursuit of developing cutting-edge mobility solutions. With our comprehensive engineering services and extensive expertise, we enable the realization of innovative advancements in mobility.

Mobility as a Service

Mobility as a Service

Mobility in automated vehicles has many potential benefits, including reduced travel time, cost savings and increased safety. MaaS can use advanced technologies such as real-time traffic data and efficient routing to avoid congestion, reducing travel time for users. As humanity, we want to remove borders and be free in all areas of life. Mobility has introduced many features such as IoT technologies and cloud systems. Drivers experienced a more free, safe and easy driving experience with these systems.

Thanks to the seamless connectivity included in Mobility, the vehicle can connect to various networks and systems to receive and transmit data. This includes things like GPS, traffic data, weather information, and communication with other vehicles on the road.  MEAtec, which uses its ideas to provide the highest level of efficiency and comfort in mobility, aims to integrate mobility into the automotive industry by providing engineering services and labor force support to its partners and customers.

Mobility as a Service
Automated Valet Parking

Automated Valet Parking

The driverless parking functionality is still in the early stages of development. The AVP system, within the scope of SEA Level 4, not only allows the vehicle to park automatically without the hassle of drivers to search for a parking space, but also allows the vehicle to be called to the landing zone with a single button.

All drivers need to do is only arrive at the landing area and get out. The parking command to be given by the driver using a smartphone allows the automated car to park itself in the parking garage in a smooth, safe and efficient manner. The infrastructure and smart sensors installed in the parking garage will ensure that the car parks itself safely without being involved in unwanted situations such as an accident. The sensors in the car interact with the central system of the parking lot, and the central system sends commands to the vehicle's interface. When the vehicle is recalled, it will automatically return to the landing area.  The parking fee is paid automatically when the car leaves the parking garage.

Automated Valet Parking


Thanks to the integration of smartphones and electric vehicles, users are offered many solution opportunities to charge their electric vehicles and have a highly efficient driving experience. There are various services such as routing, easy payment options, distance estimation, so that users can charge their vehicles at the relevant location. The charging service allows drivers to charge their vehicles cheaper. The energy source consumed from the grid determines the optimal time for the driver to charge the EV - the driver will have a higher charging efficiency. In case of registration in the digital ecosystem created within the scope of the charging network, users will be able to access all these services.

In addition to wired charging, today's technologies allow Bidirectional Power Transfer (BPT), Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) and Automatic Connection Device Pantograph (ACDP) which has been standardized by ISO 15118-20 to improve driver experience.

Charging Network


Keyless Go

It is a system that allows drivers to access their cars without a key. The Module is included in cars’ artificial intelligence systems. As soon as the drivers personalize their information in the system, they can start using it actively. Keyless-Go is a component within the immobilizer system. The immobilizer uses a transponder chip that is embedded in the key or key fob, which sends a unique code to the vehicle's ECU. If the code matches the one stored in the ECU, the engine will start.


The system not only provides passive access to drivers, but also enables them to control functions such as starting the car using a digital key via smartphones. The remote key can also be activated for drivers and passengers. Drivers can send an additional key to passengers by the cloud system. As the system enables the vehicle to be locked and unlocked easily, a much higher efficiency comfort zone is created for the drivers.

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