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Seamless connection to the outside world

Connectivity enables the integration of various advanced technologies into the transformation systems to develop and improve vehicle and mobility services over the internet, which makes mobility more convenient, efficient and safer. This allows for the seamless exchange of data between vehicles, infrastructure, and other devices, enabling new features such as real-time traffic updates, automated traffic control, car-sharing & ride-hailing services, EVs charging management, and improved safety. Thanks to the system, which connects vehicles and services, drivers can get behind the wheel much easier and more enjoyable.

  • V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) Connectivity

  • Cloud Services

  • Internet of Things - IoT

  • Software Defined Vehicle

  • Updates over the Air - FOTA/SOTA

  • Immobilizer

MEAtec enables its customers to develop their own products by providing engineering support to connect systems inside and outside the vehicles and open up mobility opportunities.

Battery in the Cloud

A cloud-based Battery Management System (BMS) utilizes the unlimited data storage capacity and high-level computing power of the cloud to monitor, diagnose, and optimize the performance of the batteries in an electric vehicle. By connecting the batteries to the cloud,  advanced Battery function performances such as State-Of-Charge (SOC), State-Of-Health (SOH) and State-Of-Power (SOP) can be increased which can help to improve efficient battery usage and reduce costs. However, Cloud-Based prognostics services, such as Battery Digital Twin, Usage Clustering, Fleet Analysis and Usage-Based RUL Forecast can be implemented. 

The connected battery services not only help to improve the performance and lifetime of the batteries but also support the development of an economic ecosystem. MEAtec provides specialized support for customers in the field of connectivity and electromobility to increase the efficiency of their products and enable the integration of cloud-based systems into electric vehicles.

battery in the cloud

Battery in the Cloud

Vehicle Data Over the Air

V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) created a bridge between the automotive and information & telecommunications industries, enabling the development of highly innovative solutions. The connected driving assistant is an advanced technology that uses a combination of static and dynamic map data, along with the latest traffic information, to assist the driver in making informed decisions while on the road.


System provides the driver with crucial and up-to-date information about the route ahead, such as speed limits, bends in the road, hazards, and the tail end of traffic jams. This can also help drivers to reduce their fuel consumption by providing real-time information about traffic, weather, and road conditions, which can be used to optimize routes and plan the most fuel-efficient driving style. The updates in the driving support systems and connected driving assistants greatly improve the safety and comfort levels of the drivers about the road ahead and adjusting the vehicle's speed and following distance automatically.

vehicle data over the air

Vehicle Data Over-the-Air


eCall – Automatic Emergency Call System

ecall automatic emergency call system

eCall, which is a mandatory system for all new vehicles produced in Europe and other lands, aims to make road traffic safer and increase the safety of the driver and passengers. This system increases road safety and automatically reports any accident to the emergency call center. Within the scope of the eCall emergency call system, accidents are instantly detected by the vehicle's connection equipment and the accident is reported to the emergency call center. In this way, traffic accidents on the road resulting in death and serious injuries are prevented to a great extent.


Even if the drivers are unable to make an emergency call in the event of an accident, response teams are automatically sent thanks to the system and the teams provide faster access to the scene. For this reason, the use of eCall systems in vehicles is vitally important and an indispensable part of vehicle security systems. MEAtec aims to ensure that the eCall modules operate at an excellent level of reliability.

Over-the-Air vehicle updates are mostly applied through the two main components body control unit and V2x gateway for the entire vehicle. OTA updates save customers time by enable device manufacturers to provide their customers with the latest software and firmware updates, bug fixes and new features without the need for the customer to bring their device to a service center or have to manually update their device. The updates can be used to fix bugs, add new features, and improve security. Ota updates reduce the need for recalls and prevent unnecessary vehicle repairs and replacements, saving customers not only time but also money.


Software or firmware updates delivered Over-the-Air (SOTA/FOTA), ensures that vehicles are always kept up to date. SOTA and FOTA updates are particularly useful for vehicles and other devices that are difficult to access physically.State-of-the-art security technologies, such as encryption and firewalls, are used to ensure the mobile data transmission between the cloud and the vehicle is kept secure.

update over the air
Update Over the Air

Update Over the Air

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