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Electrified Mobility


The future of mobility is electric

The global outlook is witnessing a significant shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) and zero-emission transportation, driven by ambitious carbon reduction targets set by governments around the world in their quest to tackle climate change. Several countries have even announced plans to ban the sale of new gasoline and diesel powered vehicles in the coming years. Experts predict that by 2050 most vehicles on the road will be electric. As a result, many leading automakers, tech companies and dynamic start-ups are investing heavily in EV and battery development. Their common goal is to capitalize on this evolving trend and meet the growing demand for cleaner and more efficient transportation solutions.

  • Battery Management System

  • Vehicle Control Unit

  • On-Board Charger

  • Inverter

  • E-Motor

  • Power Line Communication - Smart Charging

  • Gateway

MEAtec is the best partner for the electrification to develop innovative, smart electromobility solutions and modular software components for use throughout the vehicle and in all vehicle segments – from passenger cars to commercial vehicles and two-wheelers.

Diverse Technologies

Diverse Technologies for Diverse Requirements

The automotive industry is witnessing a surge in demand for mobility solutions driven by a multitude of factors, including population growth, convenience, e-commerce, sustainability concerns, and rapid technological advancements. Furthermore, the rising popularity of shared mobility services has revolutionized the way individuals perceive transportation, necessitating flexible and convenient mobility alternatives.

In response to these evolving requirements for enhanced efficiency, safety, and sustainability in transportation, the automotive industry is dedicating significant attention to developing groundbreaking solutions. Leveraging advanced technology and tailored services, industry players strive to address the ever-changing needs of consumers effectively. Modern consumers now anticipate vehicles equipped with a host of features, encompassing real-time connectivity for traffic updates, GPS navigation, in-car entertainment, autonomous driving capabilities to reduce accidents, improve traffic flow, and enhance accessibility, as well as personalized mobility options to cater to individual preferences. Moreover, governments worldwide have set ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change, propelling the demand for zero-emission transportation options such as electric vehicles (EVs) and fostering a heightened interest in sustainable mobility solutions.

Diverse Technologies for Diverse Requirements
Managed Energy

​​Energy That is Always Managed

As the electrification movement gains momentum, true innovators are pushing the boundaries to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and range. At our company, we stand beside our partners, offering highly innovative systems and components that cater to a diverse array of customer demands. Our solutions provide an optimal blend of safety, driving dynamics, and convenience throughout the entire lifecycle of electric vehicles.

Smart Charging

  • Plug and Charge (PnC)​

  • Electrical Vehicle Power Line Communication (EVPLC)

  • Dynamic route suggestions with personalized service offerings

  • A “PLC to CAN” gateway compliant with Power Line Communication norms ISO 15118, DIN 70121 and IEC 61851

  • High Level Charging Communication (PLC over CP signal, AC or DC-Fast charging, Plug and Charge)

  • Diagnosis and Calibration functions via UDS

  • Cyber security concept ensuring protection against external threats

  • Safety ASIL B (D)​

  • Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)

  • Bidirectional Power Transfer (BPT)

  • Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI)

Smart Charging

​​Battery Management System (BMS)

  • Battery Management function development

  • Functionality testing 

  • Finite state machine validation 

  • Thermal management

  • State of Charge (SoC) and State of Discharge (SoD) estimate

  • Over and under voltage protection

  • Cell leakage assessment

  • Isolated communication across voltage domains

  • Functionality and environmental testing on the battery system on the component test stand

  • BMS testing in the complete vehicle

  • Functionality testing in the SiL/MIL/HIL system

  • Hardware manipulation for error activation

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  • Services:

    • Systems and requirements engineering

    • Hardware development: circuits, routing and simulation

    • Software development: application software and control

    • Prototype development

    • Virtual and physical validation

    • Integration and application

    • Test management and test analytics


  • Standards and guidelines:

    • ISO 9001

    • ISO 17025

    • ISO 26262

    • Up to A-Spice Level2


Thermal Management

Thermal Management System

The management of temperature fluctuations, both internal and external, plays a crucial role in ensuring optimal driving conditions and vehicle safety. This is particularly significant in the context of electric vehicles, which rely on battery packs composed of numerous battery cells as their power source. Given the electrochemical nature of batteries, they are highly sensitive to changes in temperature. To fully harness the potential of an electric vehicle, it is imperative that its key components, including the electric motor, power electronics, and battery, operate within the designated temperature range. Simultaneously, maintaining a pleasant interior temperature for passengers is equally important.

Thermal Management System
Rising Demand for Mobility

MEAtec collaborates with its partners to offer an efficient and innovative solution: the intelligent thermal management system. This cutting-edge system not only sustains the appropriate temperature within the vehicle, but also enhances various aspects of the vehicle's performance. By optimizing temperature control, the intelligent thermal management system extends the overall lifespan of the vehicle, while positively impacting features such as charging speed and range. Through our economical and forward-thinking solution, we empower our partners to enhance their electric vehicles' efficiency, reliability, and overall performance.

The Rising Demand for Mobility is a Growing Challenge

Today increased travel demand has put significant pressure on the transportation infrastructure and the environment. The transportation system is struggling to keep up with the demand, leading to congestion, increased travel times, reduced productivity, and higher levels of air pollution. This has negative impacts on health and the environment. In the future, the demand for mobility is expected to continue growing, driven by factors such as population growth, urbanization, and economic development. The rising demand for mobility is a significant challenge, but with the right policies and innovations, it is possible to create a more sustainable and efficient transportation system that meets the needs of people and the planet. 

The Rising Demand for Mobility is a Growing Challenge

By adopting new technologies and trends and taking a holistic approach to transportation planning, it may be possible to overcome the current challenges and create a better future for mobility. The increasing use of electric vehicles, shared mobility services, and autonomous vehicles could potentially reduce the number of vehicles on the road, lower the environmental impact of transportation, and improve the efficiency of travel. For example, electric vehicles could reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants, while shared mobility services could reduce congestion and provide a more affordable and convenient option for people who may not own a car or prefer not to drive and autonomous vehicles could make travel more efficient by reducing the time spent in traffic and improving the safety of transportation.

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