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Battery Modelling Engineer

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Istanbul, Turkey





Software Development

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Company Description

At MEAtec, we shape the future with innovations for a sustainable future. Together we push the boundaries of what is possible and work at the front lines of change. We grow and inspire each other with our deep passion for what we do. We follow the latest technology and trends and provide engineering support to our customers from Europe to Asia in a wide range of fields such as mobility, electrification, autonomous systems, software developments and hardware designs.

About the Role

• Develop Equivalent Circuit Model (ECM) based and data driven models of lithium-ion batteries under a wide range of operating conditions based on electrochemistry knowledge and test data.
• Develop robust battery models to predict cell behavior including but not necessarily limited to rate performance, life degradation, calendar aging, electrochemical and thermal response, and safety related behavior.
• Formulate and execute designs of lab and simulation experiments to acquire sufficient real and synthetic data, respectively, to train, validate, and test various battery models
• Work with company data science experts to facilitate development of battery estimation algorithms and models regarding SOC, SOH, impedance, and performance limitation under given operating conditions
• Work with cross-functional teams to develop, implement, test, and maintain battery models
• Work with various hardware teams to integrate physics- and data-based battery models into full system (e.g., BMS, vehicle drive train, etc.) simulation environments.
• Deliver documents related to model and algorithm development


• Bachelor's degree in Physics, Material Science or other relevant field
• A strong understanding of the chemistry and physics behind batteries is essential for developing accurate battery models. Good understanding of all key metrices of a battery model.
• Experience with software tools such as Simulink, Simscape, Matlab for creating and validating battery models.
• Experience with battery testing and validation is useful for understanding the real-world behavior of batteries and validating models against experimental data.
• Awareness of battery safety and reliability considerations is essential for developing accurate and safe battery models.
• Familiarity with programming languages such as MATLAB, Python, or C++ is necessary for accelarating the development process.

Good to Have:

• Strong mathematical skills are essential for developing and validating battery models.
• Ability to analyze experimental data and extract relevant information to validate and improve battery models.
• Understanding of BMS and their role in controlling and monitoring battery performance is useful for developing realistic battery models.
• Course work in Battery controls and dynamics, electrochemical modeling, linear systems, optimization methods, control theory and system identification is plus.

What We Offer

We would like to offer you number of benefits:
• Expand Your Horizons: In addition to the experience of working with new technologies, we provide an opportunity for you to improve yourself every day with unlimited learning opportunities and mentorship support.
• Shape the Tomorrow: We follow the latest trends and technologies closely and offer our employees the opportunity to work on innovative and cutting-edge challenges.
• Work-Life Balance: Personal life and professional life are not the same. With our work culture that puts emphasis on the individual, we support you with flexible work hours and home office opportunities.
• Experience Apperection : We offer you a highly competitive and broad salary package.
• Professional, Young & Dynamic Team: Our success is in the hands of our outstanding team members. Our team shares a common goal of making a meaningful difference together and looks forward to seeing you among them.

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